Whitetail Rut Gear

Keeping you more comfortable, more invisible and in the stand longer than ever before.




  • Dead Quiet Fabrics
  • Durable Construction
  • Ideal Comfort
  • Unmatched Concealment

What part of bow season are you gearing up for?


Midweight Hoodie $149.00

83 reviews

When it comes to whitetail bowhunting, versatility can make or break a hunt. If you’ve ever woken up to cool weather and dressed accordingly but were sweating by the time you hauled all your gear to the stand, then this Midweight Hoodie is for you. 

Core-Warmth Vest $149.00

32 reviews

Our Core-Warmth Vest is the perfect addition to any whitetail bowhunters’ kit. Whether you live in the Southeast, Northwest, or Midwest, this full-zip vest will be your go-to item throughout your bow season. This gear is treated with the highest level of DWR (Durable Water Repellent).  

  • 100% windproof
  • Water repellent (DWR)
  • Antimicrobial for scent control
  • Sleek safety harness opening at neck
  • Easily accessible range finder pocket
  • Simple, one-hand-zip, heavy-duty zippers built for excessive use
  • Tree harness slit in back
Our Core-Warmth Vest is the perfect addition to any whitetail bowhunters’ kit. Whether you live in the Southeast, Northwest, or Midwest, this full-zip vest will be yours go-to item throughout your bow season.

Ultra-versatile and highly durable, this ASIO RAPTOR CAMO collection piece can be paired with any of our seasonal sets for the ideal top-to-bottom coverage and ultimate core temperature regulation. Wear it as an outer layer when there is a chill in the air or layer under our Late-Season jacket for added warmth when big weather fronts push through later in the season.

Our Mid-Season collection (midweight hoodie, midweight pant & core warmth vest) is the best used as a full system and paired with a good base layer. Our midweight gear provides the most comfort in the mid-to-upper 30’s to the upper-50-degree range.

Printed with our stealth ASIO RAPTOR CAMO pattern and made from a supremely quiet laminate fabric, created exclusively for ASIO Gear, our Core-Warmth Vest won’t be the thing that gets you busted by that trophy buck you’ve been eyeing all season.

Constructed of 100% 420 GSM poly fleece.

Late-Season Jacket $349.00

35 reviews

Our Late-Season Jacket is a no-frills-all-function jacket that focuses on the stretch, comfort, and dexterity that whitetail bowhunters need when climbing in and out of tree stands and drawing their bow. 

  • Noise-Cancelling, Brushed Poly Spandex 420 Fleece
  • Quilted PrimaLoft® insulated interior
  • 100% windproof
  • Quiet range-finder pocket
  • Antimicrobial treatments
  • Unique pocket design to keep things ultra-quiet
  • Tree harness slit in back
  • Treated with the highest level of DWR
Filled with PrimaLoft®* insulation, and featuring sherpa-lined pockets and a straight, full-zip closure, this simple, but highly functional jacket will keep you in the stand longer and make accessing all your bow-hunting gear a breeze.

In addition to superior warmth, our Late-Season Jacket is printed in our stealth ASIO RAPTOR CAMO to ensure maximum invisibility, giving you a better chance of taking your target buck. This garment is also treated with the highest level of DWR (Durable Water Repellent).

Pair with our Late-Season Bib, midweight collection, and/or our Core-Warmth Vest to have the ultimate, top-to-bottom, late-season bowhunting set that will keep you in the stand for 10+ hours.

Our Late-Season collection (bib and jacket) is designed to be worn in conjunction with our Mid-Season system or with a good base layer. When paired appropriately, our Late-Season collection will keep you warm and comfortable down to negative temperatures.

*PrimaLoft® is a registered trademark of PrimaLoft, Inc. PrimaLoft, Inc. is not affiliated with ASIO gear.

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ASIO Gear’s technology and revolutionary ASIO RAPTOR CAMO pattern is the result of years and years of whitetail deer hunting and the need/want for something better. Bowhunters in any part of the whitetail’s range will virtually disappear amongst the tree line with this high-end camo apparel and get closer to that trophy buck than ever before.


Best Gear - Period. Great fit! Cool, Comfortable, and Quiet! Added bonus - it kept the mosquitoes off my ears and the back of my neck! The first time I wore my Asio hoodie and pants in the field (today), I had two(2) does and a small six(6) point 10 yards from my stand. A woodpecker started pecking the tree right above my head and all three looked up in my direction - for a moment - and went right back to eating."

- David.

"Gear was as described and worked well in the heat. Love the venting and mesh. Lightweight, very comfortable and durable. Very happy with this gear!"

- Amanda T.

"Pattern is incredible. Quality and fit are perfect. Kept me cool and comfortable on multiple 90+ degree hunts so far this season. Durable fabric and the pockets are plentiful and perfectly placed."

- Chris G.

"Made very well, well thought out, camo pattern is insane! Works well hunting with a tree saddle."

- Drew H.

"Best fit function and pattern of any Camo on the market. This gear goes beyond any expectations I had. The pattern is flawless, and you literally blend into the woods. The fabric is durable, and tough while remaining comfortable and functional. I have never worn any Camo that came any where close to this."

- Tyler P.

"ASIO Gear is very comfortable and durable. Everywhere I go someone is asking me about it! Whatever you buy you will want more!"

- Tony S.

"Superior product!!! Fits like a glove flexible and durable, warm but breathable and very quiet down to the zippers. If you're a bow hunter ASIO Gear will give you the advantage to compliment all the hard work Chasing Whitetails. Get your wings!"

- Ralph T.