Quality for the Best Hunting Camo

Quality for the Best Hunting Camo


Why ASIO Gear is the best hunting camo clothing brand for whitetail bowhunters

If there’s one thing the ASIO Gear manufacturing team was focused on for the creation of this premium bowhunting camo, it was quality. Creating the BEST hunting camo for a specific group of folks was challenging, but needed, and the ASIO Gear team has made it happen.

The quality of the products had to be top of the line. We were in the process of developing a camo pattern never seen before, designed with features to accommodate the many facets of a whitetail bowhunter, so we brought in an outdoor apparel expert and a mastermind of manufacturing and sourcing, Doc Reed. 

“When Joe called and told me his idea, I was immediately intrigued. Having been in the outdoor apparel industry for many years, I could see ASIO Gear being the next big thing in hunting camo clothing. After seeing the pattern and how well it blended, I was sold and knew I could help find the best of the best in materials and fabrics thus making the best camo clothing brand out there.”

Our exclusive pattern and noise-cancelling fabrics were specifically designed for ASIO Gear. Paired with windproof membranes, water repellent treatments, and scent eliminating technology along with heat dumbing zippers and vents, well designed pockets for quiet easy access, and tree harness slit for effective safety harness placement.  We focused on features that would keep the tree stand hunter quiet, undetected, more comfortable, and in the stand longer than ever before.

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